Heating/cooling medium storage vessels

Equipped with a butt-welded end cap and bottom plate, leg or base plate support and available in threaded or flanged connection fittings, SIMON storage vessels can store from 50 up to 15,000 litres of heat transfer medium for heating and cooling purposes.


Constructed from high-quality steel sheet and pressure, temperature and capacity tested to allow for different pressure-temperature regimes, SIMON storage vessels comply with the highest safety standards and technical regulations, thus ensuring safe operation, increased durability and longevity coupled with superior performance and ultimate comfort.


In addition to corrosion resistant coating, SIMON heating/cooling medium storage vessels are available in the RAL colour of your choice.


While each SIMON storage vessel and connecting element is built according to your specific demands and boiler-room requirements, SIMON expert team provides a dedicated technical & design support service to work with you on project planning and technical documentation.




  • Premium quality and fast execution
  • Bespoke solutions (completely customized dimensions and connection fittings to meet your specific demands)
  • Seamless integration and simple connection to internal installation
  • Allowing for different pressure-temperature regimes
  • End-to-end solution, from planning and engineering to after-sales support



SIMON storage vessel labelling:






SIMON Manufacturer
ZOV 500 Heating medium storage vessel with a storage capacity of 500 l
ZHV 500 Cooling medium storage vessel with a storage capacity of 500 l



Manufactured to the highest of standards and technical requirements using only original and certified components, SIMON heating and cooling medium storage vessels are indispensable to any heating and cooling system and customers in pursuit of superior performance and ultimate comfort.



Heating/cooling medium storage vessels

SIMON ZOV 2000 storage vessel with a storage capacity of 2000 l is designed to safely store heat transfer medium for heating purposes.