Compact Cooling Substations

Designed to meet specific cooling demands and different pressure–temperature regimes while connected to cooling water aggregate system, heat pumps or boreholes on the primary supply side, SIMON heating systems specialist has developed a wide range of compact cooling substations for effective cooling, e.g. underfloor cooling, cooling with fan coils, ventilation and air conditioning in particular, be it in industrial process cooling operations or in public and residential buildings.


All integrated components are pressure, temperature and capacity tested to assure safe operation, increased durability and longevity. Completely pre-piped and wired, SIMON compact cooling substations are available with the control cabinet and electronic controller to ensure easy operation while simultaneously allowing central monitoring.

They can be mounted to the wall or integrated into a carrying frame functioning as a self-standing, floor-mounted unit with adjustable support legs to adjust the height according to your requirements.


In addition to corrosion resistant coating, SIMON cooling substations are available in the RAL colour of your choice.


We understand that no two project requirements are the same, so alongside our specially designed SIMON compact cooling substations, we provide a dedicated technical & design support service to work with you on project planning and technical documentation with the aim of developing custom-built solutions that meet the exacting needs of your project.




  • Premium quality and fast execution
  • Bespoke solutions (completely customized dimensions and connection fittings to meet your specific demands)
  • Seamless integration and simple connection to the primary network supply side and the secondary building installation side as well as to the power source (plug and play)
  • Allow different pressure-temperature regimes
  • Direct or indirect application type
  • Height-adjustable
  • Custom original equipment and component selection provided by our partners to your specifications
  • Disassembly/reassembly design (in case of building entrance restrictions and limited boiler-room accessibility)
  • Safe and easy operation, use, servicing and maintenance
  • End-to-end solution, from planning and engineering to after-sales support



Manufactured to the highest of standards using only original, certified equipment and components, SIMON cooling substations are the result of a long-term partnership with leaders in the heating industry.

  • Swep (cooling heat exchangers),
  • Genebre (e.g. ball and butterfly valves),
  • Danfoss (e.g. cooling heat exchangers, control valves, electronic controllers),
  • Samson (e.g. control valves, electronic controllers),
  • Alfa Laval (cooling heat exchangers),
  • Sauter (e.g. control valves, electronic controllers),
  • Wilo (circulating pumps),
  • Grundfos (circulating pumps),
  • IMP Pumps (circulating pumps),
  • Allmess (e.g. cooling meters),
  • Belimo,
  • Siemens,
  • TA Hydronics,
  • Herz,
  • and others.



SIMON cooling substation labelling






SIMON Manufacturer
KTPH 100 Compact cooling substation with a cooling capacity of 100 kW



Complying with the highest technical standards and regulations, SIMON compact cooling substations are the ultimate investment in the future — a winning combination of state-of-the-art cooling technologies fundamental to all customers in pursuit of superior performance and ultimate comfort.